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From Crimes Of The Centuries: The Defeo Murders, Behind the Amityville Horror

Welcome to a Strange And Unexplained and Crimes Of The Centuries cross-over. Strange And Unexplained is off this week, so please enjoy this Crimes Of The Centuries episode.

The word "Amityville" has practically become synonymous in popular culture with the eerie and supernatural.  But behind the books and movies is a true story of the Defeo murders, and in this episode, Amber Hunt is joined by Daisy Eagan to tell their story.

"Strange and Unexplained" is a podcast from Grab Bag Collab & Three Goose Entertainment and is a journey into the uncomfortable and the unknowable that will leave you both laughing and sleeping with the lights on. Follow us on Instagram

"Crimes of the Centuries" is a podcast from Grab Bag Collab exploring forgotten crimes from times past that made a mark and helped change history.  Follow  on Instagram and Twitter: @centuriespod


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