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Episode 4.5//A Mighty Wind: An Improbable Incident on the Mackinac Bridge

On a clear day in September 1987, Leslie Ann Pluhar headed across the Mackinac Bridge and toward a promising future. She never made it to the other side. The clues left behind only raised more questions. To this day, officials won’t admit what seems to most to be the answer: that, no, Leslie wasn’t driving erratically, but rather that maybe it’d be wise to warn motorists that crossing five miles of water more than 550 feet up in the air in a spot known for high winds can lead Mother Nature to treat cars like Hot Wheels.

"Strange and Unexplained" is a podcast from Grab Bag Collab & Three Goose Entertainment and is a journey into the uncomfortable and the unknowable that will leave you both laughing and sleeping with the lights on.

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Scott Woodbury
Scott Woodbury
12 jun

What the heck is the phobia Daisy references? I can't find anything about it.

Me gusta
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